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True friends are those who allow you to talk about your passions more than is conversationally appropriate



I think this is witchcraft in a nutshell.

The placebo effect at its finest

I have 2 days to learn how an e-commerce site written in Django works. What are the common pitfalls and strategies used in Django/Python? [reddit]


I’m hitting the django tutorials as we speak, but words of wisdom from Python devs would be really fantastic. Thanks in advance for your help / laughing at my predicament.


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This car near @ riding house street

This car near @ riding house street


Since I watched the little notepad on tv last sunday I couldn’t stop thinking about the star wars/trek part (here’s the photoset with the screenshots I made)

It was a little strange to draw these two again, It has been a long time :D

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So…. I guess it gets boring…or not!


Ya Boi FAYE - Hatin Hard (Official Video) | Prod. By Young Chop (by Fabian Biringanine)

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